37 Life Hacks You Will Need In 2015

Published on Tuesday, 21 April 2015
1. Sneak spaghetti into class with this practical #lifehack
2. Dishes? What dishes
3. This #lifehack might save your life one day
4. No need for a lazer pen when you have this #lifehack
5. The binge drinker #lifehack
6. Fuck exercise and healthy eating #lifehack
7. Safety first #lifehack
8. You're probably sitting there like me thinking 'Damn, why didn't I think of that'
9. It's also useful if you take elephant sized shits #doublelifehack
10. Docking station #lifehack
11. This may or may not work
12. Sometimes violence is the answer
13. Thanks for the advice #lifehack
14. #lifehack's you can use every day
15. A £2 mirror and sellotape hacked into a £200 wing mirror, easy.
16. Helping you improve those mundane tasks with #hackstokeep
17. Be the envy of all your friends with this #lifehack
18. Was that the rocks? I think someone is at the door
19. Save yourself a quid the next time someone goes to wash your windscreen at a red light with this stylish #lifehack
20. Making coffee has never been easier #hackasaurusrex
21. Short arms costing you valuable seconds mowing the lawn? Build this to save upwards of 5 minutes a year #hacked
22. A #hack worth doing even if your car door handle is working
23. No need to carefully drain boiling water using the lid if you have a dirty tennis racket lying around #lifehack
24. #lifehack a hot tub in your living room and complete life
25. Bit late with this one but you can #hack the fuck out of Christmas next year
26. Hair straighteners also work #lifesavinghack
27. Hands cutting food too slowly? No problem make one of these and lob food at it #hhhhhhhack
28. Never lose your turtle again #lifehack
29. Minty fresh #lifehack
30. HP sauce also works #endlesshacks
31. No clean spoons? You don't need one with this #lifehack
32. If you haven't been doing this you need to start #lifehack
33. Mind = blown
34. Dog whisperer #lifehack
35. You could also try not taking massive scoops #lifehack
36. Turn your hoody into a horse style feed bag #lifehack
37. There is a possibility the debt will follow you into the afterlife #deathhack

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