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The New Age Man is poor and hungry. If you aren't poor and hungry why not help us pay for this expensive hobby?

The New Age Man is run by two friends who both have medicore full time jobs. It costs a fortune to host this website and we make shit all in ad revenue. In 2014 we spent over £10,000 on image and web hosting and earned a total of £220 from the shit straggly advert we had on the website. But, we both hate websites that are floor to celing adverts, so maybe you can help us continue to run the New Age Man without adverts being the main feature of the website.

If you are feeling generous then please contribute. Leave a name if you want us to use it in an article, give us some feedback or a suggestion. We will even read your hate mail or death threats as long as they come with some money.

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Donation £10 - Mum: "You should take down the articles on religion."

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