Answer to North Korean Crisis left in Facebook comments

Published on Tuesday, 19 September 2017
Intelligence agencies around the world have been left with egg smeared across their faces after scores of watertight solutions to the situation in North Korean have been left in a number of Facebook comments. 
To make matters worse, the comments were often left by people with no military experience, no understanding of world politics and in most cases, by those with a limited education. In one instance a teenage boy, aged just 19, flabbergasted world leaders with a solution so simple, it's hard to believe it had not already been considered. 
"We should just carpet bomb them to fuck. It worked before, it'll work again. Don't any of you remember Vietnam?" wrote the teenager.
Another considerate commenter indirectly questioned the delicate diplomatic approaches being used. "Nuke them, nuke China, nuke Russia, nuke Isis, nuke Iraq and Nuke Iran." they said. 
Mark, a third commenter, ingeniously disregarded any economic considerations, raising another rock solid point, that ypeace from tyranny or dictatorships has no price. He said:
"We should surround North Korea with submarines loaded with intercepting missiles and shoot down anything that leaves that shit hole. Who gives a fuck if it detonates a nuke mid-air over South Korea".

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