Anne Boleyn Wins Big On Scratch Card In Wolf Hall Finale

Published on Thursday, 26 February 2015

People across the UK were waiting in anticipation to see what fate held for the Queen of Wolf Hall, Anne Boleyn, last night.

As the episode unfolded, Thomas Cromwell (the elder brother of Oliver Cromwell), who is played by Rio Ferdinand, has Anne Boleyn arrested for mispronouncing his name as "Cwemwell" one too many times. "Stop saying my name like that; it pisses me right off!", Cromwell shouts at Berlin before arresting her and then beating her about the head with a flip flop."

It is not long, however, before Boleyn manages to sneak out of her jail cell, pop to the local newsagent and buy herself three lottery scratch cards.

Viewers watched anxiously as she slowly scratched away at the cards, eventually revealing with great emotion that she had won an all expenses paid holiday for two to the Costa del Sol.

The show, which is loosely based on the episode of Game of Thrones where Ned Stark wins big on an accumulator, is available on BBC iPlayer.


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