35 Pictures That Will Fuck With Your OCD

Published on Friday, 22 November 2013

There is a chance these will piss you off for years to come.

1. Well that's not how you're meant to eat that
2. Someone in the factory wasn't paying attention
3. Run out of hexagons?
4. I'm still trying to convince myself that this has been photoshopped
5. No, you can't count
6. You need to pay attention when you're tiling
7. Pay attention! How did they get that one wrong?
8. Aggravating
9. How can anyone be that careless?
10. Time to rewrite some notes
11. This one is particularly annoying
12. Who ever did this should never tile again
13. This is only acceptable if the cover was replaced from underneath
14. They must have run out of the cream ones
15. How could someone think putting these back in the wrong order was OK?
16. There shouldn't be a desk there
17. Bad plumbing
18. I do not understand why
19. Minecraft OCD
20. WHY?!
21. Thoughtless electrician
22. Time to buy a new folder
23. Let's hope whoever bought the packet turned that one around
24. Which way do you actually want me to go?!
25. Impractical and dangerous
26. I hope these aren't pills for OCD
27. Now how will the deaf people know? Completely thoughtless
28. How do you even get that wrong?
29. Put it back how it was!
30. Get rid of the twist
31. This is not a toy for a child with OCD
32. Adjust tray lock then put on your seatbelt
33. There is no excuse
34. How is such a thing even possible?
35. Now that is a tough decision

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