32 Brilliant Examples Of How To Use Tinder

Published on Monday, 14 April 2014

We got your back.

1. Recognise that there are some people who you will just not see eye to eye with
2. Try to pick out bits of information from their profile to talk about
3. Make sure you get any issues surrounding mental stability out in the open
4. Using emojis can be a very subtle way of making your feelings known
5. Be aware that some people will only be in it for a long distance relationship
6.Be mysterious
7. If you get an error message, just keep trying until you get through
8. If you are going to sell drugs to people you match with, make sure you give them a good price
9. Disguise your advances carefully
10. But don't be afraid to discuss sex openly
11. If you're a bit of an idiot, be honest about it
12. If you're struggling for something to say, use rap lyrics
13. Fish puns, fish puns, fish puns
14. Always explain your jokes
15. If in doubt, talk about Pokemon
16. Give commentary on how well you think the conversation is going
17. Do everything in your power to aviod being branded "cute"
18. Remember that Pop Tarts are a sensitive subject
19. Make sure you get your spolling right
20. Try to think of creative ways to describe the beauty of the person you're talkiing to
21. Stay clear of the topic of murder until you've built up a strong rapport
22. Show them that you're a family guy
23. "Energy and persistence conquer all things" - Benjamin Franklin
24. "Never, never, never give in" - Winston Churchill
25. Make them feel comfortable about meeting up with you
26. Only use the disobedient avocado line when its absolutely necessary
27. Learn how to weed out the bots
28. If someone seems suicidal, don't mention Skrillex
29. Remember that using Hitler in pick-up lines can be very effective
30. If you like butt stuff, don't forget to mention it
31. Honestly, do not be afraid to mention anal
32. Because you don't want to get further down the line only to realise you have nothing in common

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