26 Awesome Responses to Text Messages From Strangers

Published on Tuesday, 18 March 2014

People replying to strangers by text.

1. Wrong number Robin
2. You can just reply with photos of your, hmmm, cat
3. A cat reply will always work
4. Beware of single chill men typing in random numbers looking for love
5. Make sure you know what type of grill you are talking to
6. I don't even...
7. Wanna go Britney’s and get fucked up?
8. Sorry Pedro, she just wasn't that into you
9. At least some strangers can sympathise with your wrong number rejection
10. Try and identify exactly who has text you
11. Make friends
12. Whose baby is that?
13. Don't be offended if someone imitates you
14. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
15. You can get closer and closer to the stranger you're texting
16. Do not ignore the sloth
17. Andy?
18. Be careful what you ask for
19. You may get what you are given
20. With a reply like that, you were almost certainly seeing Beiber
21. Some people will grab an opportunity with both hands
22. You'll understand when you come of age
23. Texting the wrong number can get you kicked out of your quartet
24. Some people can be ruthless
25. But it doesn't hurt to know when you should stop being an arse
26. No matter how embarrassing texting a stranger is, accidentally texting someone you know could be a lot worse

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